One on One Coaching:

Leveraging my 7-step framework our conversations will slow down the pace and sharpen your view into what is really working or not working for you in your life.  We will use various tools to understand what you truly want, what is holding you back, and how to bring your most meaningful self to life.

HOW I Help Women of Divorce

  • Rebuilding your foundation of YOU
  • Exit the victim mindset
  • Identify and reconnect with your values
  • Silence the negative voices in your head
  • Step into your power
  • Make self care a priority
  • Mom-to-mom insights on co-parenting
  • Communication strategies with your ex
  • Simple ways to practice self-love
  • Dating and relationship guidance
  • Access to me via phone and text between sessions

1:1 Coaching Packages Available:

Hold My Hand! (3-months)

  • (8) 50-minute sessions with me
  • (1) 1.5 hour discovery session
  • Email and text access to me between sessions

I’m All In! (12-months)

  • (45) 50-minute sessions with me
  • (1) 2-hour discovery session
  • Deep dive into values and values exercise (3-session value)
  • Access to monthly suggested reading list and group
  • Attendance at 4 quarterly workshops
  • Email, Text, FaceTime/Skype and phone access to me between sessions
  • Access to my Group call 1x per month for one year

Let’s Do This! (6-months)

  • (20) 50-minute sessions with me
  • (1) 1.5 hour discovery session
  • Deep dive into values and values exercise
  • Attendance at 2 quarterly workshops
  • Email, text, and phone access to me between sessions
  • Access to my Group call 1x per month for 6 months

*Let’s talk! We’ll discuss your needs and determine the best plan for you. 
Limited Time: pay in full to receive a discount or payment plans available!

Group Coaching for Women of Divorce:

Transitioning from being married to being single brings many emotions and new thoughts to the surface for us all.  Our minds are conditioned to think negatively about our new life – but what if you aren’t alone?  What if you see others LIKE YOU and start to see single life as an opportunity for you to make new friends, pick up hobbies you never had time for and/or allow you to meet new men/women who help you figure out what you want, what you don’t tolerate or who you are?

Find strength in numbers and connect through shared experience, in small face-to-face facilitated groups.  You’re note alone – YOU 2.0 are exactly where you are supposed to be!

Group Life Coaching for Women Experiencing Transition:

Change is hard and we all make excuses why switching careers or making a life transition isn’t a good idea.  Do you say to yourself – I’ve invested all this time in my life/career – how can I think of starting over?  I have no idea what I would even do!  Where do I begin to try to figure out what I would do instead?  Or one of my favorites – how do I make money doing “insert passion project here”?  I get it, I’ve been there.  I believe you can step into your power to become YOU 2.0!

As your group Life Coach I will encourage you along with your tribe.  We will be by your side every step and help you embrace who you want to become, what new direction you want your life to take, and what you need to be your best self –  You 2.0!

Wonder Women Tribe Package:

  • 2 video group calls per month for 3 months (6 total) or 6 months (12 total) via Zoom Video Conference
  • Access to my monthly newsletter
  • Attendance at my quarterly workshop
  • Email/Text access to me between calls
  • Access to my monthly recommended reading list
  • Referral incentives and discounts offered if you sign up a friend
  • Commit to 6 months and receive additional incentives and discounts
Next Tribe starts in February 2019!  Email me to inquire about pricing at

Quarterly Workshops:

My experiential workshops introduce a key concept and give you a supportive space to practice and learn a new skill. I facilitate visualizations, discussion and support a dynamic learning environment. I find that while learning from one another, there is always a plethora to be learned for all regardless of experience and level.  And most of all – it’s about community, connection and support!

I’m Ready! – Complimentary Coaching Session: 

Our first coaching conversation is free of charge. I find it is the best way to understand if it’s a good fit for both of us, and for you to understand what coaching is all about.  Schedule your free session HERE!